Sensitive teeth

what are the sensitive teeth ?

if you suffer from sudden pain when you eat sweets or salty food ,hot or cold drinks so you have sensitive teeth .

if you ignore this problem it will be very sever and prevent you from eating or drinking some foods or drinks you love.

the pain of sensitive teeth is not continuous it comes & goes but the continous pain is referred to more sever problem so you must to ask your dentist advise.

causes of sensitive teeth :-

to understand the cause of sensitive teeth you should to know the formation of tooth :-

1-The upper layer of tooth is called enamel and it is more hard & not sensitive & protect the tooth

2-The dentin lies under the enamel & it is less hard than the enamel

3-The dentin contain tubules called dentinal tubules that reach to the nerves of tooth

4-When foods or drinks or any stimulus touch the dentine so this stimulus reach the nerves through the dentinal tubules & lead to pain .

Some causes for examples :-

1-Hot or cold drinks , some acidic foods , sweets or even touch of toothpaste to teeth or gingiva that will hurt the teeth or gum&expose the dentin.

2-Gum diseases that expose the dentin .

3-The mistake of use of toothpaste on the type of toothpaste if you use hard toothpaste or if you use the toothpaste hardly that will expose the sensitive dentine by sever friction.

4-Dental caries or broken teeth.

What will you can do to protect & treat sensitive teeth ?

1-Care of your mouth & teeth :-

Clean your mouth & teeth with appropriate toothpaste

2-Use smooth toothpaste :- this will reduce the hard friction of tooth & reduce gum sensitivity

3-Clean your teeth smoothly not hard & becarefull for your gum

4-Use medicated toothpaste for sensitive teeth

5-Becareful for your food : don’t eat acidic food , sweets that dissolve enamel & lead to dental caries & increase the problem of sensitive teeth

6-Don’t use teeth whitening a lot without dentist advise.

7-Use products contain flouride that is very important for your teeth

8-Visit your dentist periodically


Careless of your teeth is the big enemy, care your teeth , don’t harm it because it is sensitive organs can’t bear all your foods or teeth products without doctor advise .


Comment :-

We advise you to use trileen ST for sensitive teeth & gum.

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