important information for your hair & hair loss problem

The hair is the gift from the God . especially for women ,of course the women become angry when they see some of their hair fall a lot especially after wash or during arrange their hair .

most of women who fair from their hair loss because it’s one of beauty of women & lead to treat themselves without doctor advise or without knowing the causes of hair loss & not treat the causes .


hair loss :-

there is two types of hair loss

natural hair loss & diseased hair loss 

1 – natural hair loss : –due to the hair life cycle so we should to know the hair life cycle.

There are 3 stages of hair life cycle 

1-anagen phase :- persist from 2: 5 years during which the hair grow.

2-catagen phase :– persist from 2:3 weeks during which the hair follicle will shrink but not fall.

3-telogen phase :- persist from 2:3 months during which the hair will fall & the cycle will repeat & start of growth   of new hair .

the hair loss from 50 : 100 hair during day will worry some women , it’s the natural hair loss.

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