General tips for your hair

– For women & girls to protect your hair beautiful & healthy.

1-know your type of hair & scalp by visiting your dermatologist & choose the hair products that match your types of hair.

2– Don’t try hair products from hair stylest or sellers .

3– Don’t follow sever diet without doctor advise .

4- Use soft hair brush made from natural hair & don’t use plastic one that may lead to hair broken & loss .

5- Calm sleeping & relaxation is very important for hair .

6- Don’t colour your hair or ironing because it harm your hair .

7- Care of your diet : it must contain proteins , vitamens & minerals especially iron & zinc.

some foods are very important as meat , fish & fresh vegetables 

8- Avoid friction of your after wash with hair brush as it will lead to breakage of hair.

9- Use shampoo & hair products match your type of hair .


Comment :-

Use anagen spray for hair loss & dandruff  for greasy hair.

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