Causes of diseased hair loss

1-hormonal causes :-

-Due to androgenic alopecia especially in male due to increase in DHT .

-Thyroid diseases :- 

Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism will lead to hair loss but it can improve if treat these diseases

– Oral contraceptive pills may lead to hair loss & if this occur the women should ask his doctor to replace another pills or methods

– Pregnancy & lactation  

2-drugs : Many drugs may lead to hair loss.

3- low protein in diet :-People who eat only vegetables without protein or who eat small amount of foods will have protein defeciency & this will affect hair & lead to hair loss because protein is vey important for formation of hair .

4-Sever diet :- Sever diet without control from doctor will lead to iron deficiency & anemia that will lead to affect hair &loss it.

5- Some diseases like alopecia areata or fungal diseases of scalp. 

6- Some diseases like anaemia & nutritional deficiency.  

7-high fever & sever bacterial infection & sever influenza . 

8-surgical operation or chronic diseases. 

9-exposure of hair to harmful effects like  :-Pollution ,  uvr , hair ironing  & exposure to high temperature , hair colouring & hair products not match with your hair.

10-stress & depression so :- good nutrition + relaxation = healthy hair

11– low blood circulation to scalp & hair due to some diseases or  careless of hair & prevention from arrangement & prevention from good areation to hair.


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